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Nowadays, a website is a must. But not all sites are equal. To be really useful, your website must:

  • Be well-designed. Visitors to your website must be properly directed so that they can easily find what they need
  • Lead to action. Whether you want them to contact you, buy your product or subscribe to your newsletter, visitors must be attracted to your site
  • Contribute to your brand image. In addition to being attractive, the design must respect your corporate identity and fit in perfectly with the clientele you serve
  • Be well-built. Your site must be robust, easy to use and update, so that it will last over time.

Our team knows how to do what it takes to meet all of these objectives and ensure a relevant and superior web presence. We provide you with all of our knowledge, our creativity and our love for a job well-done to create a website you are proud of.



The design and creation of online training is our forte! For many years, we have been carrying out large-scale projects for our own needs, such as the and platforms, and for our clients.

Many reasons motivate businesses to create online training:

  • Systematizing employee training in order to increase internal efficiency
  • Saving time with staff training by delivering “just in time” content, without having to meet the trainer’s or employee’s schedules
  • Remaining flexible by  quickly adapting the training content in order to constantly stay aligned with the needs of the organization
  • Facilitating clients’ lives by providing them with practical tools to better use your products or services
  • Allowing self-management of training and continued improvement of the staff
  • Creating passive income when training is sold to clients
  • Increasing your notoriety and visibility by highlighting your expertise

We have considerable expertise, so we can give you sound advice when it comes to:

Choice of technology

Business model and marketing

Content preparation

All stages of achievement



Our strategic web support helps to identify strategies to attract your clients to your website, and then convert the visitor into a client.

Your website is at the heart of your web marketing strategy, the place where your promotion efforts must come together. Visitors must be well-guided so that they can easily find what they need and quickly understand how you can help them.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Identify and shed light on your target clientele

Make your offer and your message clear

Identify and implement tactics to better reach your clients

Identify and implement content marketing strategies



Organization and efficiency have always been part of our DNA. Our “engineering brains” are now at your disposal to structure and frame your business in order to bring the vision of your business to life.

We can follow up on the following elements:


  • Optimization of the value chain
  • Improvement of internal processes
  • Review of technological choices
  • Reinforcement of the client-experience
  • Structuring of tasks and roles
  • Change management


Thanks to our web agency, we are able to accompany you from the first to the last step of the realization of your project on the web.

  • Website development
  • E-commerce
  • Customized development
  • Development of online training
  • Video design
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Computer graphics
  • Editing

Listening and supporting our clients is a token of a pleasant experience with us!


Our approach is to advise and support you as effectively and economically as possible to meet your objectives


In order to serve you in the best way possible, we want to fully understand your situation and your needs. Everyone has their own story, challenges, particularities and objectives. We LISTEN to what you have to say. We are by your side, from the beginning to the end of the process.


We develop the strategy and propose effective solutions to realize your project as effectively as possible. You are at the heart of this collaborative process which reflects your personality and is based on your reality. We conscientiously plan what must be done. Simplicity and efficiency are our guideline.


Here we go! Our web agency carries out your project in a pleasant and stimulating environment. We can also manage the work of your internal team or an agency of your choice. We keep you informed throughout the process and we support you in the maintenance and any possible changes.

At BEVCo strategies, the human and personalized approach is at the heart of our activities. Our two unconventional paths augment the close and trusting relationship we build with our clients. Find out some more about us!

Geneviève Tremblay

B.Eng., M.Sc.A.

Motivated by her deep passion for the development of human potential, Geneviève branched out from the classical engineering path to professional coaching. In 2011, she became an entrepreneur and supported solopreneurs and businesses in the realization of ambitious web projects. Very attentive, generous and mobilizing, Geneviève is now doing what she knows best – designing and creating business strategies related to the web.

Marie-Josée Boudreau

B.Ing., M.Sc.A.

Marie-Josée first quenched her thirst for knowledge with the Protégez-Vous magazine. For 10 years, she acquired broad experience in communications and conducted numerous scientific evaluations of consumer products. She subsequently held the position of Quality Director for a test lab. An unusual fact – she designed and completed an ISO 17025 system, recognized in its field as being innovative and effective. An entrepreneur since 2011, she now designs and develops online training platforms.

We work in close collaboration with the wonderful team of our web agency. Get to know it here!



It's a chance to work with Geneviève and Marie-Josée! They allowed me to realize a project that was close to my heart for a long time. Their discipline, their rigor, the quality of the follow-ups and the quality of the work are fantastic. The project management is extraordinary! We know where we're coming from, we know where we're going, and we know how we'll get there. We feel safe with you!
- - -
Original testimonial: C’est une chance de travailler avec Geneviève et Marie-Josée! Elles m’ont permis de réaliser un projet qui me tenait à cœur depuis longtemps. Leur discipline, leur rigueur, la qualité des suivis et la qualité du travail sont fantastiques. La direction est extraordinaire! On sait d’où on part, on sait où on va, et on sait comment on va s’y rendre. On se sent en sécurité avec vous!
Sylvain BoudreauSpeaker and creator of the web plateform Nous inc.
I enjoyed working and collaborating with the Bonheur en vrac's team. It's professional and concrete ... very nice! I am very proud to show my online programs Focus Tonique and Neurones créatives, the result is really great!
- - -
Original testimonial: J’ai beaucoup aimé travailler et collaborer avec l’équipe de Bonheur en vrac. C’est pro et concret… très agréable! Je suis très fier de montrer mes programmes Focus tonique et Neurones créatifs à mon entourage, le résultat est vraiment réussi!
Patrick TremblayCréateur de jeux, humoriste et enseignant en créativité, Jeu créatif Cré-O-Nirik
Geneviève and Marie-Josée are angels fallen from the sky on my entrepreneurial path. I had just had an expensive and non-aligned experience with who I am before meeting them. It goes without saying that my expectations were high. Their efficient and structured approach has charmed me. With them, my dreams have bloomed, are structured, and my online program I had dreamed of for two years has finally come into light. They are genuine and really care about the success of their customers. They are now my partners of choice for my future online projects. You have my gratitude.
- - -
Original testimonial: Geneviève et Marie-Josée sont des anges tombés du ciel sur mon chemin entrepreneurial. Je venais de vivre une expérience dispendieuse et non alignée avec qui je suis avant de les rencontrer. Il va s’en dire que mes attentes étaient élevées. Leur approche accessible, efficace et structurée m’a charmé. Avec elles, mes rêves ont germé, se sont structurés, et mon programme en ligne dont je rêvais depuis deux ans a enfin pu voir le jour. Elles sont authentiques et ont vraiment à cœur la réussite de leurs clients. Elles sont maintenant des partenaires de choix pour mes futurs projets en ligne. Vous avez toute ma gratitude.
Tania BoucherFondatrice, Ma Voix, TaVoie


We are also developers of major projects through our web agency

Largest library of French wellness audio recordings

Web platform for small businesses, to better sell and manage

Meditations, exercises and turnkey activities for primary schools


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